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Parque Nacional El Choco

El Choco covers 77.5 sq. km and includes two lagoons - Laguna Cabarete and Laguna Goleta - which stretch for 8km between the hills of the Cordillera Septentrional and the Atlantic Ocean. The park's main attraction is its caves with subterranean water systems and underground pools as large as soccer fields. Some have been developed for tourism, while many others remain hidden by vegetation which is as green, lush and healthy as you'll find thanks to generous amounts of rainfall in this part of the country.

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Access: El Choco is the most easily accessible protected area along the north coast. There are two entrances to the park: one is a few hundred meters east of the village of Islabon - which is itself about 5km east of Cabarete - while the other, more official entrance is at the western edge of Cabarete. This is where the park office is located.

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