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Parque National Monte Cristi

Parque Nacional Monte Cristi covers an area of 550 sq. km, extending from the Haitian border to Punta Rucia. Within its boundaries lie offshore keys, mangrove swamps, lagoons, and a 237-meter limestone mesa known as El Morro. This forms a kind of island surrounded by beaches (the best is Playa El Morro) and mangrove swamps. El Morro's northern slope and ridge is covered by forest and is sometimes shrouded by fog; the southern side, meanwhile, has no trees due to the different climatic conditions which prevail. The Cayos Siete Hermanos (Seven Brothers' Keys) lie a few kilometers off the coast. There are many reefs around these small, sandy islands, but no vegetation. Isla Cabrita, with its nice beach and lighthouse, is just off the mainland.

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Flora: Many different species of plants and flowers are found in the park, including sabia montecristini which is endemic to El Morro

Access: Although there are no marked trails, it is relatively easy to explore El Morro on foot. Access to the rest of the park – the coastal areas and keys - is more difficult, and will invariably require a boat. The park office is a couple of kilometers out of Monte Cristi at the foot of El Morro.

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