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Parque Nacional Loma Isabel de Torres

The national park takes its name from the highest of the mountains behind Puerto Plata, Isabel de Torres (800m). At 15 sq. km it is one of the country's smaller protected areas, but also one of the most visited due to its close proximity to Puerto Plata and the other tourist centers on the north coast. On top of the mountain there is a statue of Christ with outstretched arms (Cristo Redentor) not dissimilar to the one at Río de Janeiro, a botanical garden, and a fort built by Trujillo in 1942 when the Dominican Republic declared war on Germany.

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Access: The most popular way of getting to the top of Isabel de Torres is by cable car; the alternative route up the mountain is by road. The entrance to the cable-car ride is about 1km west of Puerto Plata on the highway to Imbert.

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