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Why Settle for Two When You Could Have Four?

I have often heard people say that when they see certain cars - the Beetle and the Mini are frequently cited as examples - they cannot help but smile. Something about these vehicles seems to make people happy. They are, if you like, 'friendly' cars, and it is hard to imagine them ever hurting anyone. I had a similar feeling when I first laid eyes on a four-wheeled motorcycle, also known as a quad or an ATV. 'Aren't they sweet!' I thought, 'with their cute little wheels and dinky bodies'. Not a bit of it! These machines are wolves in sheep's clothing! They are faster than they look, tougher than they look, and a good deal more dangerous than they look. Of course, this is precisely what makes them such great fun.

Quads are semi-automatic and easy to drive. They go almost everywhere and are more comfortable than conventional motorcycles. These factors mean that quad riding is for people who like a bit of mud, motor oil and rev in their adventures, without necessarily wanting to take to the open road on a full-scale motorcycle trip. Moreover, the Dominican Republic, with its endless mud tracks and knee-deep river crossings, is the ideal place to find out exactly what a quad can do. Beware, however, of going beyond your limits. I would have recommended listening to your tour leader, but since mine fell off his quad while attempting a 360° spin to impress some female onlookers, this advice is not always as sound as it should be.

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