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Where and when: The muddier, the rockier, the steeper and the wetter the terrain, the better the quad riding. This means that the mountains are the best place for four-wheeled adventures, and adventure companies operate trips in both the Dominican Alps and the Cordillera Septentrional. Rain makes the conditions more challenging and often adds to the enjoyment of quad riding. Too much rain, however, can turn tracks into swamps and makes some rivers impassable.

Equipment: The well-known motorcycle manufacturers such as Yamaha, Honda and Suzuki also make quads. Most of them are 250cc, have five gears and a maximum speed of about 60kmph. Since the price of some tours depends on the number of machines used, you might want to sit two people on one quad. Although this is possible, it is obviously much more comfortable (and fun) to ride alone. You should always wear some form of head protection, which, in many cases, will not amount to much more than a mountain biking hat. If you want additional protection - knee and elbow pads, for example - you will probably have to provide it yourself. As with motorcycling, open shoes such as flip-flops and sandals are not a good idea.

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