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The Story behind DRpure.com

It is often thought that in the Internet world speed is of capital importance. I talk not only of connection and download times, but also of the actual construction of a new web site. No sooner has an idea flashed into the head of the (by now) ubiquitous Internet entrepreneur, than the site has appeared on the web - warts and all! Meanwhile, the bright, young spark who thought up the idea confidently expects to make his first million before reaching puberty. Instant wealth, of course, is the exception rather than the rule; and too many sites tend to expire as quickly as they were created, often because the concept needed more time to mature and take shape before going public. Visitors to this site, however, can take comfort and confidence from the fact that DRpure.com has taken over four years to evolve from a vague dream to what you will see soon.

Julius Geier first came to the Dominican Republic on New Year's Eve 1995. Four months later he had created a web site to provide visitors with information about where to stay and what to do in the Dominican Republic. Hispaniola.com was an instant success; and in no time Julius was working with some of the country's most important hotels and tour operators. One of the latter was an adventure company called Get Wet, which invited Julius to go on a rafting trip in the Dominican Alps (the country's central mountain chain) in the summer of 1996. This was a watershed in the young web designer's life. The sheer beauty of the mountains, and the diverse range of adventure activities available to those who bothered visiting them, got Julius thinking: 'why not produce a web site which tells people about the real Dominican Republic - and attracts them to come here for adventure tourism, as well as the beach?' In this way, the seeds of DRpure.com were sown.

Cultivating them has been a long and sometimes frustrating process. Julius's commitments to Hispaniola.com meant that he could hardly devote any time to the new adventure site. Progress, therefore, was virtually non-existent -- a situation which almost convinced him to sell Hispaniola.com in November 1998. Rather than sell, however, Julius eventually found two partners to help him run Hispaniola.com so that he could start to work in earnest on DRpure.com.

Julius met Ross Velton in May 1998, when the latter was in the Dominican Republic researching material for a travel guidebook to the island of Hispaniola. The two remained in contact and, when it became clear that DRpure.com was definitely going to happen, Julius asked Ross to write the text for the site.

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