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The Only Way is Down

The world-famous kayaker, Tao Berman, once fell 30 meters to what, you might think, was his death. Pictures show his kayak, engulfed by bubbling froth, suspended halfway down the infamous waterfall, while Berman held his paddle at head-height, as if he expected it to sprout wings and fly him out of the mire. Seconds later he must have nose-dived into the pool below, cutting through the water like a torpedo before the buoyancy of his kayak catapulted him back to the surface, wet, shaky - but alive.

Unfortunately, we can't all be Tao Bermans. Even so, the rapids of the Dominican Republic have enough thrills and spills to keep mere paddling mortals on the edge of their seats. For this is the land of narrow, steep canyons, where submerged boulders form natural staircases and waterfalls tip into deep pools like free falling elevators. So, if you come to a ledge, you really must fall off it; don't worry about catching a few eddies; be prepared to surf waves - and never forget the golden rule: the only way is down.

Other Kayak Files:
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