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Hang time: For many, the thrill of kitesurfing is in the jumps. Take Flash Austin, for example, who once hung in the air for over six seconds, reaching an estimated height of 30 meters and flying approximately 100 meters across the water before landing. This was not exactly a routine jump, but it shows what can be done.

Where and when: As with windsurfing, Cabarete is the best place in the Dominican Republic to kitesurf. Due to the potential hazards of the sport, however, you will often find kitesurfers on the less congested stretches of beach and water near Cabarete Bay - which is still dominated by the windsurfers.

Equipment: Kiteboarding boards are about half the size of their windsurfing equivalents and are shaped rather like wakeboards; most are 100% bi-directional. The basic types of kite have already been discussed in the article. You should note, however, that, because the sport is so new, kites, boards and other equipment is being tested and developed all the time. The kitesurfing schools provide boards, kites and harnesses when you enroll in a course; they also rent and sell equipment.

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