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Ross Velton

Born in England to a British mother and a Sri Lankan father, Ross spent the early years of his childhood in the Bahamas. It was perhaps due to this cosmopolitan background that he acquired a passion for travel - which he began to indulge in his late teens. He is now 29 and has traveled extensively in Asia, Africa and Latin America, choosing Paris as his base. Trained as a lawyer, Ross took his first degree at the University of Durham in the UK before going on to complete a Master?s degree in European Law at the prestigious College of Europe in Bruges, Belgium. The law, however, was never intended to be his career, and he looked for a way to earn his living doing the thing he loved: travelling. This opportunity arose when a publisher of travel guidebooks commissioned Ross to write the first guide to the island of Hispaniola. Haiti and the Dominican Republic: The Island of Hispaniola was published by Bradt Publications in January 1999, and was followed in March 2000 by Ross’s second book, Mali: The Bradt Travel Guide. He was also writing various articles and features for magazines and newspapers, including The Times of London, when he was approached to be the author of DRpure.com.

Contact Ross at rvelton@yahoo.com

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