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Where and when: There are some excellent places to go canyoning in the northern mountains (the Cordillera Septentrional) and the Dominican Alps (the Cordillera Central). For locations in the north, the most common departure point is Cabarete, while Jarabacoa is the best place to access the canyons in the central mountains. The adventure companies offer canyoning trips all year round.

Equipment: Appropriate footwear is essential. Rocks in a canyon can be treacherously slippery, and, although a shoe has yet to be designed which can grip all types of surfaces, you should exercise common sense when choosing what to put on your feet. Sneakers are a safe bet, as are walking boots (the higher up they are, the more protection they provide for your ankles); but sandals and flip-flops are not a good idea. Be prepared for whatever you choose to wear to get very wet and muddy. Helmets, wet suits, harnesses and all rope for abseiling purposes will be provided - and carried - by your guides. They will also have a waterproof backpack for food, cameras and other such items.

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